Tauce is a Pale Ale Beer (english style) with a toast colot that, due to its unique recipe, it has a fresh flavor and a citrus aroma due the German hops used in the brewing.

  • Ingredients: Water, hops, yeast, sugar and two types of berley malt carefully selected.
  • Alcohol: 5,5% volume.


The project "Beer Tauce" was born as the result of a work of three friends, who for more than 4 years have been working into the world of the brewing, getting to become in a lovers of the craft beer.

The targets of this project are clear: develop a high quality beer that is posited as a real alternative to industrialized beers and contribute to the development of the craft beer culture, which it is in expansion in the Canary Islands this last years.

This project looking for offer to the beer consumers a product with high quality, outstanding and different from the commercial beers, something that will not leave you indifferent, something made with the love of three mates that develop with big effort each new project that begin together.

Right now we are developing our the business plan and our product to offer it on the market.

About us

We are three Chemical Engineering with a common hobby, the beer.   Visit us on facebook! :-)

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Comment: Our beer is not yet available to sale to the public, we are working on to do it following the relevant laws.
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